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OAN! Launches New ISP Service

Atlanta, Georgia; USA (7/9/2002) - Outdoor Adventure Network, LLC (OAN!), a longtime champion of the outdoor recreation industry, is pleased to announce the launch of MyOAN.net, the first outdoor-centric Internet Access service of its kind. MyOAN.net offers the outdoor enthusiast nationwide dial-up Internet access rivaling MSN or AOL in features, including email service, web mail, filtered or non-filtered options, tech support, the latest outdoor news and events, message boards, shopping, outdoor sport-specific content and more.

Mark Treager, Founder and President OAN!, explains, "The 21st century has made it harder than ever to get in the Great Outdoors, with work, busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles. MyOAN! provides a long standing value and service to the outdoorsman of today and in the future. If you can't be in the outdoors, we'll bring the outdoors to you!"

Recent studies have indicated that the market for dial-up Internet access is steadily growing, and that subscribers are signing up with niche-based ISPs offering targeted content and a sense of community revolving around a hobby or interest such as the outdoors. OAN!'s commitment to re-establishing the traditions of the great outdoors spills over into everything they are doing.

Kevin George, VP Marketing OAN!, said "Whether you enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, or hunting, or if you're just a fan of the Great Outdoors in general, MyOAN.net will provide you with a platform for communication, information, education, while benefiting the outdoor enthusiast, the outdoor industry and the environment."

About OAN!

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, OAN! and its parent company Outdoor Technology, Inc. has a long history as a provider of outdoor programming, information, services and events for outdoor recreation industry for over ten years. OAN! leverages the latest advances in marketing, communications and technology to educate, inform and to pass on the passion they have for the Great Outdoors for this and future generations.

OAN! believes that the love for outdoors has skipped a generation possibly two. OAN!'s goal is to help people to discover and re-establish the traditions as well as the heritage of the Great Outdoors for this generation and for those that follow that will last a life time. Visit OAN! on the web a www.MyOAN.net or call 770-717-0837, or email Info@MyOAN.net for additional details.

"OAN!…The Great Outdoors…Made Simple!"

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