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Turkey Hunting

We consider the turkey the most exciting and most challenging game animal to staulk and hunt in North America. We hope this information gives you an advantage the next time you are in the woods calling a trophy Tom within range.

Turkey Hunter's Checklist
Turkey season is but a few short months away, and now is the time to make sure you have all your gear ready.
Learn more...


Hunting Osceola wild turkeys
The green, palmetto-choked landscape of central and southern Florida is home to the Osceola wild turkey. But like in any turkey hunt, success begins with lots of planning.
Learn more...

Hunting Gould’s wild turkeys
Probably some of the most unique turkey hunting in the world can be found in the northern and central parts of Mexico where the Gould’s wild turkey lives and thrives.
Learn more...

Learn the breeding cycle of a wild turkey
Let’s face it, we will never know exactly what a gobbler is thinking. However, we have a good idea of what his motives are during the spring. Learn more...

Learn the breeding cycle of a wild turkey
Let’s face it, we will never know exactly what a gobbler is thinking. However, we have a good idea of what his motives are during the spring. Learn more...

Shoot better video
I began my training to become a videographer in the mid-1980s when fellow NWTF videographer, John Brown, and I stole my mother’s VHS camera, covered it in camouflage tape and headed for the woods. I’ve improved a lot since then. Here are a few tips to help you take better hunting videos: Learn more...

Hunting Merriam’s Wild Turkeys
Patience, persistence and confidence in your calling are what it takes to harvest a Merriam’s gobbler. Learn more...

What you need for muzzleloading
Caring for a black-powder shotgun is fairly simple. All you really need are percussion caps, powder, wads and shot, and a way to carry it to the field. Learn more...

Pecking Order: Recognizing the dominant gobbler
Most of us would like to shoot the biggest, oldest gobbler on our property. The problem is that it can be hard to tell which gobbler this is until you actually have him in hand.
Learn more...

Tips for taking a child turkey hunting
Almost all children have three things in common: they are observant, inquisitive and above all, love to have fun. Hunting can bring out all these traits and is a great way for you to spend quality time with your son, daughter or grandchild. Learn more...

Making a Feather Wreath
Used to, wreaths could be found only during the Christmas holidays. These days, however, folks decorate their front doors year round with wreaths that reflect the seasons of the year. Generally, it takes more than one wreath to span a calendar year. Learn more...

Quick Targets
Small farms near each other can be productive as they provide a hunter with pockets of land over a wider area. Nonetheless, the same principle behind quick hitting small properties can work on big ones as well. Learn more...

Jot It Down
Some hunters are content to simply spend a day in the big hardwoods, while others hope to bring home a longbeard. Unfortunately, methods that produced during the spring may be worthless in the fall. Successful methods vary between the two seasons. Learn more...

Judging Distance
When considering all the reasons for missed shots or lost birds, the failure of a hunter to accurately judge the distance between him and his target is probably the most common. A hunter must be able to determine when a turkey is close enough to make a clean kill. Learn more...

Open Places
Openings and fields are important to wild turkeys. In the summer, the majority of the turkey’s food sources are found in open, sunny places. Learn more...

Fall Safety
With the air cool and crisp and the color of leaves changing to brilliant reds, oranges and yellows, autumn is a great time to be outdoors. But just like spring, safety is always a top priority when hunting. The fall season demands a few special precautions. Learn more...

Going for the Gould’s
The Gould’s wild turkey is the largest of the five subspecies and somewhat resembles the Merriam’s due to its white tail feathers. They have longer legs, larger feet and larger center tail feathers than any other type of wild turkey.
Learn more...

Sighting In
Prior to the start of hunting season, many hunters head to the range, set up a turkey target at 40 yards, pull the trigger and satisfied that their pattern is more than adequate, put their shotgun back in its case until opening morning.
Learn more...

Mouth Call Care
Now that turkey season is over, take some time to make sure your mouth calls will be ready when you need them next season. Learn more...

Cleaning Your Bird
Turkey hunting is tough enough, but what are you planning to do with that bird once you harvest it? Find out all the secrets of going from field to table with wild turkey. Learn more...

Making A Wingbone Call
Three decades ago, it was said the wingbone call and its variations were one of the most widely used turkey calls found. E.A. McIlhenny claimed the wingbone had brought the death of more wild turkeys than any type caller.
Learn more...

Pick the Right Choke Tube
Today's turkey guns are specifically made to shoot heavy loads and give tight, dense patterns, and to get the best performance from lead turkey loads, you need an extra-tight choke tube.
Learn more...

Defensive Turkey Hunting Tactics
A safe turkey hunter, like a safe driver, is defensive minded.
Learn more...

Decoy Safety Tips
Many turkey hunters incorporate the use of decoys in their hunting setups to up their chances for success. Responsible hunters employ the following tips to assure that their time in the woods is safe as well. Learn more...

A Natural Blind
A large tree trunk affords a good backrest, breaks the hunter's outline, provides a commanding view when sitting upright and is recommended for safety. Learn more...

*Content courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation.

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