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Outdoor Fun Facts

Haven't you ever wondered out some of the interesting how's, what, when, where's and why things happen in the outdoors? We have! So here is a collection of some fun facts about the outdoors that we have collected. Do you have some we should post? Send them to us at funfacts@myoan.net. We'll review it and who knows you just might see it here!

Camouflage facts and more!

Why do migrating birds bother to fly back north?

Why do some animals hibernate in the winter?

Why do deer shed their antlers?

What makes your boat float?

Who came up with the idea for the zipper?

Can a fish really drown and other Fish Facts?

Where does a compass really point?

Who invented matches?

Why is the color of a flame usually orange?

How does a thermometer tell the temperature?

Why do we perspire?

Where did Velcro come from?

Why do my feet smell?

How do we hear?


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